Digital Footprint

These days most of our lives are lived using the internet: from buying products to commenting on forums. But when someone passes they may leave a digital footprint such that there is a record left of their personal data.

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There are 2 types of Digital Footprints


Where the user has been online and information has been stored on an online database.


Whereby they have logged onto a site and made comments on a forum.
It is a matter for you to decide how you wish to deal with this. You may wish to leave their Social Media accounts open or you may wish to close them.

If you wish to close the deceased’s Twitter account you will need to complete a Privacy Form. This will also remove images and videos of the deceased.

If you send an email to them they will close on notification.

Facebook offer a number of options:

  1. To close the account they require a Death Certificate.
  2. You can memorialise the account by putting ‘Remembering’ before their name. This will allow friends and family to still post photos and comments.
  3. Legacy account – You can assign a friend or family to manage the account after death. They will be able to post information and update the profile


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