Cookies Policy

Barnet Bereavement Service is committed to providing a quality service and working in an open and transparent way that builds trust and respect.  This Cookies Policy is in conjunction with the use of our website.  Please read carefully.

If you visit our website and your browser accepts cookies (you can turn these off via your Settings) we will assume that you are in agreement that they can be used.  By not allowing cookies this may not allow you to access certain functions of our website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are very small text files that are created by a website through a browser on your computer.  They are used to help you navigate a website, identify preferences and perform specific functions and the website then automatically calculates the materials required for each product page that you visit on that website.

Loading a website is achieved via a browser and through this browser cookies are used if the browser settings enable the use of cookies.  This will allow the website to send a small text file, or cookie, to your computer’s hard drive.

When you visit subsequent pages on the website it may use the information inside the cookie to provide certain functionality. When you revisit the website it may again request that cookie to further assist functionality within that website such as recalling the items or products you last looked at on that specific website.

Why do we use Browser Cookies on our website?

  • To prevent fraudulent activity;
  • To increase security;
  • To identify patients with regards to login;
  • Storing an anonymous reference to information you enter into the website;
  • To anonymously track page visits, hits, search terms, visitor locations etc. for statistical purposes, which help us to improve our services. Barnet Bereavement Service use Google Analytics to provide us with this information about use of the website such as how many visitors there are to our website etc.

 Can I switch off Cookies?

You can always switch off the Cookies in your Browser settings.  As aforementioned, this may impact your use of our website and its full functionality.